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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions about the Clonable tool

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FAQ - General

add remove What exactly is Clonable?

A tool to copy, possibly translate and maintain a website, how does that sound? With the Clonable tool you can, for example, easily clone a Dutch (.nl) website to a Belgian (.be) website. But you can also translate your German webshop for example into Danish and place it on a .dk domain. The website remains completely identical, without being plagiarized by search engines. Not even if you do not add a translation in our system. You choose which elements to adapt for the cloned website. For example, you can replace the logo and/or Dutch keywords with Flemish keywords. Or change a certain German translation because you prefer to keep a certain jargon on your German website. More benefits of the Clonable tool can be found below.

add remove What is the advantage of cloning a website?

Cloning a website to another area has 6 major advantages:

  1. The clone makes automatic translations. Also for new pages you add in the original language.
  2. The findability in Google or other search engines is better with a domain from your own region than with a domain from another country. A .be domain does automatically better in Belgium than a .nl domain. And of course you will sell faster in Germany if your content is in German instead of Dutch.
  3. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you don't have to maintain a second site yourself. Because the site is cloned, it is always up-to-date. When an article is placed on one site it will also be automatically placed on the clone (unless otherwise configured). It will then also be automatically localised (e.g. flooded) to the target area.
  4. A potential customer feels more comfortable on a domain from his own country. Especially when it is localized to this country. A Frenchman will convert faster (buy something / contact, etc.) on a French site!
  5. You only need to use one dashboard/ backend for 2 or more sites (useful for e.g. stock management)
  6. You have the possibility to advertise with Google Ads with a domain from the area you want to "conquer". Potential customers will click through faster on a home country domain. This leads to more site visitors for the same advertising costs.
add remove What languages are possible?

The localization possibilities with Clonable are great. You can clone virtually any domain.

Possible at this time:

  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Romanian
  • Polish
  • Bulgarian
  • Slovenian
  • Slovak
  • Czech
  • Lets
  • Lithuanian
  • We are still working on Russian, Japanese and Chinese. However, we can't give as much guarantee on these as we can on the other languages.

Would you like to clone your site without translation. That is possible too. You can clone almost any language, as long as it is a similar language or dialect. Examples of common clones are:

  • Dutch (.nl) → Flemish (.be)
  • Germany (.de) → Austria (.at)
  • France (.fr) → French-speaking Belgium (.be), Canada (.ca) or Ivory Coast (.ci)
  • Spain (.es) → Argentina (.ar), Mexico (.mx) or Colombia (.co)
  • International (.com) → England (.co.uk), Australia (.au), India (.in) or USA (.us)

Of course Clonable also works vice versa for the above options. Curious about another cloning option? Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities. We like to be surprised!

add remove Is cloning a site the same as translating it?

No, this is not the same thing! Cloning a website does not automatically mean translating it. However, most customers want this and choose a clone with translation. A cloned website without translation is also possible and offers many advantages. It serves a specific area with the same language and makes sure that your website is placed higher in the search results of that area. However, it is possible to adapt certain keywords to fit the target audience (localization).

add remove What is the difference compared to using Google Translate?

Clonable has more advantages than simply translating a website with Google Translate.

  1. A big advantage is that you get an extra domain through Clonable, which search engines index. For example, with a .de domain, you can be found in Germany. Google Translate is not indexed by Google, which means that you will not gain any additional customers.
  2. Google Translate translates the whole page, but changes are not possible. With Clonable it is possible to make changes after the translations, both in terms of text and for example changing images, logos or preferences. See ourKnowledgebase for more information about all the possibilities.
  3. Google Translate's translations really aren't always that good. Ours are many times better. Especially since they can also be checked and improved by a proofreader. You can hire one through us or you can find someone yourself.
  4. A Google Translate button on your website looks pretty unprofessional.
  5. With a cloned website via Clonable you can advertise with this website (and thus this foreign domain) or apply marketing strategies, this is not possible with Google Translate.
add remove I have a webshop, does that work too?

Yes you can! There are already several customers who have used the Clonable tool to clone their webshop. This works the same and just as well as for a blog or information page. There are even specific replacements for web shops that help increase conversion. Feel free to ask for it.

add remove Do I need any technical knowledge to clone a site via Clonable?

No, you do not need any specific knowledge to work with Clonable. The back-end system is simply designed and easy to use. If you don't know how to use it, you can always contact us for questions. If you wish, you can also choose to have the tool configured by Clonable.

add remove Can any website be cloned?

Yes, in principle every website can be cloned! For a clone with translation there are only a few exceptions when it is not possible to translate everything properly. Loading dynamic content is not always possible yet. This happens more often with the webshop system Shopify.

add remove Can I also have my clone configured by Clonable?

Configuring the Clonable clone yourself is very easy. However, if you wish to configure it yourself, this is also possible. We can quickly and efficiently optimize your clone site for the country to be reached. Please contact us for more information about the costs.

add remove Can I link with another account for e.g. Google analytics, Doofinder, Google Search Console or other search engines?

Yes, you can easily set this up. With webshops, this is not always advisable because the transactions take place on the original account.

Instructions: Instructions will follow.

add remove What is the difference between redirecting a site to my current site and cloning a site?

No, linking a page is not the same as cloning with Clonable. When you clone a page you have the advantage that you can customize this page to the look and feel and keywords of the country or region. This ensures that your website is better found by search engines and that the customer feels more at home in your website environment.

FAQ - Requesting a clone

add remove How long will it take for my clone to be ready?

Within 10 minutes the clone is already created (translated) and ready for use. Often, however, it takes longer for the site to be available around the world due to DNS changes. Unfortunately, we at Clonable have no influence on the time your IT company needs to set up the language tags correctly. You can already start implementing the first changes. We take a week's lead time into account.

add remove What are the costs of a cloned website?

The cost of a Clonable site depends on the translations your site needs. If your site does not require translations then the price is €50,- per month per site. For sites with translations but not many pages the price is € 75,- per month per site / per language. And for sites with more pages the price is € 200 or € 300 per site per language. Of course we can always agree on an appropriate customization when multiple clones are purchased at the same time. Sometimes you will have to take into account an extra start-up fee because a lot of translations have to be done in one month and the monthly number of characters is not sufficient for that. For more information, please visit our pricing page.

add remove What information is needed to request a clone?

First of all, we need to know what the domain name of the cloned site will be, what CMS system your site runs on and what language you want to clone your site to. In principle, we can get started almost immediately after that.

FAQ - Back-end Clonable

add remove How do I work in the back-end of the cloned website?

The cloned website does not have its own back-end, as it is a live copy of the front-end only. Any changes to the back-end of the original site will automatically be shown on the translated clone. If you want to make changesonly in the cloned site, such as adding keywords or changing logos, you can adjust this in the menu of Clonable.

add remove What can I change in the back-end?

With Clonable almost everything on your site can be easily adjusted. To localize your site you can easily adjust the following things:

  • (Search) words
  • Images
  • To show or not to show texts
  • Logos
  • USPs
  • Preference settings:
    • Payment methods
    • Country of dispatch
  • URLs
  • XML feeds
  • etc.

FAQ - Linking accounts

add remove How do I link my Google Analytics account?

Instructions for linking your Google analytics account will follow. For online shops, it is good to know that because of the measurement of conversions, we prefer to do the measurements in the same analytics account as the original webshop.

add remove How do I link Google Search Console to my cloned site?

You can add a cloned site to your Google Search Console in the same way as you would your normal site.
Add Poperty → enter domain name or URL

My question is not listed, what now?

Is your answer not listed above? Please feel free to contact us below. We will of course be happy to help you. You can contact us by phone (+31 492 77 52 69), by email (info[@]clonable.net), or by using the contact form below.