About Clonable

Clonable - your cloning & localization tool for website & webshops.

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and let

Clonable grow!

Clonable Helps companies to expand abroad faster and easier, by making their website or webshop...

cheaper and
translate maintenance-friendly

What we have achieved

Clonable helps companies copy, translate and maintain their websites and web shops faster, cheaper and more maintenance friendly. The 'cloning' of websites is our invention and we are actually quite proud of it. What we have achieved in six months:

  • The first 80 'clones' have been put live
  • An important partnership with PostNL has been confirmed
  • Own acquisition channel is starting to take off
  • Customers know how to find us thanks to word-of-mouth advertising


Next step!

The next step is to hire more staff and most importantly grow!

Therefore, we, Clonable BV, are approaching you with the request to

1) Invest money in Clonable through a loan at 8% interest, or

2) As a fan, donate an amount in exchange for networking evening with dinner.

View the information memorandum here and find out what we will use the funding for.


at Clonable

by means of a loan



is yours!

Niels Arts

Owner Clonable

Bas van den Boom

Owner Clonable

Bas van Schijndel

Owner Clonable

info on the investment

Want more info? Ask us via email, phone or Linkedin

We have listed some important questions related to the investment in Clonable. Have you not yet seen the information memorandum? It contains the most important information regarding the investment and our company Clonable B.V.

Would you like to receive more info? Then contact us by emailing info[@]clonable.net or reach us by phone at:

+316-47138243 (Niels Arts)

+316-47166388 (Bas van Schijndel).

We are here for you to hopefully make Clonable a global success together!

add remove I would like more information, how do I obtain it?

Our information memorandum contains all information about our company, our plans and the loan conditions applicable to the investment. Should you require additional information, please contact us by emailing info[@]clonable.net or reach us by phone at 06-47138243 (Niels Arts)or 06-47166388 (Bas van Schijndel).

add remove I want to invest, what will the funds be used for?

We will use the funds to hire additional staff to serve a larger customer base, make other investments in areas such as software, and pay for operational costs.

add remove What amount do you expect to raise and what is the minimum amount to raise?

The goal is to raise a sum of €200,000. If less than €100,000 is pledged, consultation with the investors will take place.

add remove What is the minimum amount to invest?

The minimum amount to invest is €2,500. You can also become a "fan" of Clonable for an amount of €150, - per person. Then you share a nice network evening with dinner and when reaching 2 million turnover within 2 years we do that again, but then a dinner prepared by a star chef.

add remove I want to invest a different amount, is that possible?

You can, Choose the option "04 Set your own amount", follow the steps and on the page to fill in your details you can enter the amount at "Notes".