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7 tips for international marketing and advertising success

Marketing and advertising are two of the most important aspects of any business. After all, without marketing, potential customers would never know about your products or services, and without advertising, they would never have a reason to buy them. When a company expands globally, marketing and advertising efforts must be carefully planned to account for cultural differences.

Here are 7 tips for success:

1. Do an international business analysis.

Before expanding your business globally, it is important to understand the market you are entering. This includes researching local culture and customer behavior. What are the buying habits of your target market? What do they value? What motivates them? Answering these questions will help you create a marketing and advertising campaign that resonates with your audience.

2. Create an international business plan.

Once you have done your research, it is time to create a plan for your global expansion. This plan should include your marketing and advertising budget, as well as your goals and objectives. Without a plan, it is easy to overspend or get off course.

3. Understand customer culture and behavior.

As mentioned above, it is important to understand the culture of your target market before launching a marketing and advertising campaign. What are their values? What do they find offensive? What language do they speak? By taking the time to get to know your audience, you can create a campaign that resonates with them.

4. Find the right international look for your brand.

Depending on your brand, you may need to make adjustments for different markets. For example, if your brand is youthful and hip, it may not translate well to a more traditional market. It's important to find an international look that represents your brand well and appeals to your target market.

5. Work with local partners.

When expanding your business globally, it is important to partner with local companies. They can help you navigate the cultural landscape and avoid offensive missteps. These partners can also provide valuable insights into the local market.

6. Do international keyword research

Selecting the right keywords and developing an individual keyword set for each target country is a huge challenge. Ultimately, you must consider the perspectives and interests of a host of people and stakeholders while taking into account global markets, search behavior and linguistic characteristics and specifics.

To tap the full potential of the target market and speak the language of their target market, it is important for companies to turn to SEO specialists who are native speakers of the target language, or who have proven themselves in SEO for an international market.

7. Translate all your content and advertising materials

When you expand your business globally, it is important to ensure that your marketing and advertising materials are all translated. This can be challenging, as it often involves huge numbers of pages and texts. Working with an efficient translation tool such as Clonable can ensure that your material is translated quickly and as accurately as possible, without spending enormous amounts of time and money. Then have a native translator review key automatically generated texts to ensure the quality you need for international success.

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